You Are a Living Ancestor

ancestor iconOh, yes. You are now the living ancestor to someone down the road who wants to know you. Have you done your own family group sheet? Well, have you? You know, filled in information on yourself (remember starting with yourself?) and your husband(s), your children. Have you gathered the birth, marriage, and other vital certificates that we all pursue with a vengeance when we research our ancestors?

Aside from the family history benefits to someone later, it may also benefit you when you need to have the records on hand for your own personal use. Let me also encourage you to keep shot records and health history safely recorded for your family’s benefit. Sooner or later, this will come in handy! My husband has benefited from knowing that his family is prone to heart trouble and diabetes, so he aggressively pursues keeping himself healthy and active. Knowledge is power, so they say.

So get busy and start….with yourself!

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  1. Marlene

    Appreciate your thoughts regarding the “present” usually when we develop an interest in our family history most of us tend to want to look back in time & forget the importance of the here and now. There’s much info readily available to us & it’s great practice to begin with ones own family, it would be best to speak to the oldest members first, they can provide a wealth of information that will be lost forever once they leave us. Interviewing elders is enjoyable and a wonderful way to keep them interested and engaged. We all have stories we’d share & sometimes it takes very little prompting to start a heart-warming discourse. “Start with yourself” is great advice.

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