October is Cemetery Fun Month!

img_0579-version-2Fun in a cemetery?

You betcha’!  October is one of the best months to experience cemetery events nationwide.   There are fall harvest events, Halloween events, ghost tours, helicopter tours, even weddings.  Bet you didn’t expect weddings in a cemetery…now that’s scary!


 Tombstone, Arizona

Want to enjoy great weather while strolling the cemeteries and participating in town events?  Try Tombstone, Arizona, the home of Boot Hill, which has more fun tours and events than a gaggle of tumbleweeds.  Want to see the gunfight at the OK Corral (re-enacted, of course), take an 1878 underground mine tour, jeep tours, and, of course, the Boot Hill walk through with graves of several legendary gunfighters such as Johnny Ringo.  Boot Hill is home to quite a few men who were shot…some by accident.  If you are looking for something more out of the ordinary, try the Wyatt Earp Vendetta Ride which is a 5 day ride following Earp’s trail to find and kill the Cowboys, who were a somewhat loosely organized gang of outlaws who had the bad idea of shooting Earp’s brother.

El Paso, Texas

From Tombstone you can travel east on I-10 to El Paso, Texas where Concordia Cemetery hosts its own October events.  There you’ll find the graves of John Wesley Hardin, John Selman (Hardin’s nemesis), as well as the Buffalo Soldiers, and other interesting souls. There are other events you may want to engage in as well.

Victorian Pleasures

Prefer something a little more refined?  How about the Victorian garden burial grounds of Atlanta, GA.  Oakland Cemetery hosts a slew of monthly events including the Oakland Halloween Tours.   You will be privy to the headstones of governors, mayors, newspapermen, a railroad tycoon, and other well known townspeople including Margaret Mitchell, author of Gone with the Wind.  The events seem to sell out early, so plan ahead!

Scary in New York

Want the spookiest October event?  Travel to Sleepy Hollow, New York for Horseman’s Hollow!!!  Many of you will remember the Legend of Sleepy Hollow which was an animated Walt Disney production released in 1949.  The legend was the brainchild of author Washington Irvin, who wrote the story while in Birmingham, England.  It was published in 1820 along with the another short story Rip Van Winkle.

Sleepy Hollow has elevated the scare, even posting a warning that the event of Horseman’s is not suitable for adults with heart conditions or claustrophobic, and other possible conditions that might be provoked by   getting scared witless!  Here’s a preview.

Even though Horseman’s Hollow takes place at Philipsburg Manor, there are plenty of events at the Sleepy Hollow cemetery to keep you occupied such as The Classic Lantern Tour, the Murder and Mayhem Tour, and the historic society presentations such as The Good, The Bad, and The Unusual.

Just about every cemetery now-a-days has some kind of interesting happenings.  Oh…and I’m pretty sure they have funerals, too.



More Cemeteries Worth a Look

  • Elmwood – Memphis, TN
  • Green-Wood – Brooklyn, NY
  • Laurel Hill – Philadelphia, PA







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